About Learn to be Buddies

Learn to be Buddies is a series of picture books we are developing for children aged between 3 and 9 years.  Each book uses realistic, expressive pictures and true-to-life storylines to demonstrate specific values or social skills in a fun and engaging way.

Each book will be accompanied by three disks.  These include:

  1. A DVD (for playback on DVD machines): This contains a slide show of the book accompanied by the book read aloud.  The second item is a song specially written for the book, accompanied by a slide show of actions.
  2. A CD (to be opened on PCs): This contains activity plans, printable card and board games, a computer game, children’s activity sheets and the words of the song.
  3. A Music CD (for playback on CD players):  This contains the book’s song, the book read aloud, and a couple of listening activities such as cloze activities.

To purchase Dave is Brave, you can visit our website or find it at Ability Books.

To keep up to date with our releases, and receive free articles on addressing behaviour, subscribe to our newsletter.



  1. I am looking for supplemental material to support the peace rose curriculum of the Montessori Model in social competency. Do you offer samples of your products? We have ages 3-6 in our Children’s house program.

  2. Thank you for your comment on our blog and interest in our products.

    With regards to offering samples, because we are only a very small business, we don’t really offer free samples. However, there is a YouTube video of Dave is Brave at http://www.learn2bebuddies.com.au/pages/aboutdaveisbrave.html and a more in-depth description of the Dave is Brave products at http://www.learn2bebuddies.com.au/pages/estore/daveisbrave.html

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