Posted by: l2bb | February 13, 2010

Early Intervention: Learning about bullying

I thought I would take a little break from intellectual discussion and show you a slide show of a child (who has Autism) learning about the facial expressions and emotions associated with bullying.

I met this child at our book launch and watched with delight his interaction with the pictures and story of Dave is Brave.

This form of learning is an essential element of preventing bullying or building resilience in children of all abilities.  Being able to identify and interpret others’ body language,  and responding to those social signals begins with using pictures.

In the usual process of social interaction, facial expressions and body language happens and passes so quickly that a child with a condition such as Autism will not have time to “study” these signals.  Children with ADD or ADHD who find it difficult to concentrate will also miss or mis-interpret these split-second social signals.

As discussed in the previous post, the ability to guess how your behaviour is effecting others can be a protector against a child being a bully as observing or experiencing others’ reactions is often a check on our own behaviour.

So if we help children develop “Theory of Mind“, then we are helping them avoid becoming a bully as well as recognising when others are bullying themselves or their friends.


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